Animal welfare


No hormones ever used

Ariztía does not use hormones, nor has used them in the past, our birds are the result of a process that involves a standardized breed, feeding and raising. We are in compliance with resolución n° 6763 de 12 de octubre de 2011, del servicio agrícola y ganadero (SAG).


Optimal development conditions

Our birds (Chicken and Turkey) are bred and fed in compliance with animal welfare practices, which means, growing in a healthy environment, comfortable, well fed, stable temperature, free to move within the breeding space. Our workers avoid creating stressful feelings of pain, fear or despair.


Humane Slaughter

We humanely harvest our production; our slaughterhouses are in compliance with accepted and validated international standards, under strict internal control and inspection from the national authorities(SAG). To learn more you can visit:


No genetic manipulation

Ariztía chicken and turkey is not genetically modified or manipulated. We select the breed, and through the progress of science, biology and technology our birds reach better growth standards based on the breed, nutrition and environment in which they are raised.

Servicio de atención Sai

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